Meet The Team

Lead Editor || Editor, Feminerd & BitchPop

By day, Jessica is a writer, editor, and writing consultant; by night, Jessica is still all of those things because writing and editing are her whole life. She likes talking about books and movies, and she especially enjoys a good fantasy story with characters she can feel a connection with. Jessica also loves comics, dinosaurs, dancing, flannel button-ups, her hair, sushi, webcomics, silly hats, and her cat.

Katie Tregs
Scheduling Coordinator || Editor, Girls Like Comics, Dammit! & Feminerd

Katie loves comics. In her monthly podcast, episodes will range from casual chats about what the panel is reading right now to in-depth discussions about a particular title. Get ready for what is probably going to turn out to be more X-Men talk than you ever wanted. Bitch Team Alpha roll out!