Meet The Team

Game Streaming || Host, Ladies Playing Indies

Aenne has been a hardcore gamer all her life, whether its video games, tabletop or card games, she plays them all! Aenne has also loved writing since she was a girl, and combines her passions as a game writer. When not gaming she loves slaying zombies, reading, Zumba, and snuggling her cat Hippo.

Webmaster || Editor, Ladies of Industry || Host, Ladies Playing Indies

While her business pants are on, she writes frankenstein code that continues to surprise her as it lurches to life. She graduated from college as a 3D artist, and is still unclear how exactly she got from there to here, but it seems to be working out swimmingly.
When the business pants come off, she’s generally found in front of some video game system, though the occasional fishing trip makes her happy.

Video Editor

Ben’s parents bought an Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 before he was born.  He found a comic book in an army surplus store at the age of 2. It’s safe to say his future was cemented when he watched Robotech and decided he needed to have a giant robot to go with his computer and game console. He’s still looking. In the meantime, he’s a full-time Photographer and Videographer out of Portland, OR. He’s proud to part of Bitch Team Alpha and run general A/V and help where ever needed.

Lead Editor || Editor, Feminerd & BitchPop

By day, Jessica is a writer, editor, and writing consultant; by night, Jessica is still all of those things because writing and editing are her whole life. She likes talking about books and movies, and she especially enjoys a good fantasy story with characters she can feel a connection with. Jessica also loves comics, dinosaurs, dancing, flannel button-ups, her hair, sushi, webcomics, silly hats, and her cat.

Katey Lee
Owner || Editor, Heroine || Contributor

Katey grew up with a love of games from an early age and probably will always be a PC gamer at heart, though she doesn’t discriminate when it comes to her consoles. She is also a huge fan of science fiction, especially in film. Her bi-weekly podcast focuses on video gaming, with a regular segment on what panel guests are playing that week and revolving topics related to gaming conventions, new games, old games, community within games, and anything in between.

Katie Leone

Being a gamer and a cosplayer, Katie dabbles in a little of everything. She spends most of her free time with her Vita in her hands, in front of her PS4, or in the garage, making some kind of weapon or crazy armor. When she’s not on a digital rampage or covered in spray paint, she’s probably playing with her precious stupid cats, Mog and Fang.

Katie Tregs
Scheduling Coordinator || Editor, Girls Like Comics, Dammit! & Feminerd

THIS Katie loves comics. In her monthly podcast, episodes will range from casual chats about what the panel is reading right now to in-depth discussions about a particular title. Get ready for what is probably going to turn out to be more X-Men talk than you ever wanted. Bitch Team Alpha roll out!

Media & Social

Lauren loves all things nerd related!  While the other ladies have their specialties there is no specialty here…just full out love of nerd culture.   During the day Lauren works an office job in the sales & marketing industry and by night she loves to play music when she finds the time.  Lauren also loves talking to people about what interests them, which is how she found her way to BTA.

Editor, BitchPop

Robin is not great at writing long bios. She’s mostly into books, especially science fiction and fantasy, and the TV or movie adaptations thereof. She likes to guest and co-host the other girls’ podcasts, and she won’t shut up about Game of Thrones. She wants everyone to know that R+L=J, bitches.