Ladies Playing Indies: Adventures of Pip

Do you feel like a pixel trapped in a 16-bit body? The opposite of that? This amazing game gives you the ability to transform from a single pixel to 8-bit and 16-bit mode at will! We’re playing the awesome Adventure of Pip! We brought along Jeff Luke, one of the Directors over at TicToc Games to talk about it (and lots of other fun things.)


If there are any other indie games that you’d like to see us play or whose developers you’d like to hear from, please leave us a comment or find us on Twitter or Facebook! We’d love to hear your suggestions! Thanks for watching everyone, and be sure to watch for our next episode where we play Multiplayer Games, due to be released next Monday. If you want to catch us live, tune in to our Twitch channel Thursday nights at 8:00PM PST. Also watch for our new series, “Multiplayer Mondays” at 8:00PM PST on… you guessed it, Mondays.



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