GeekCraft Expo: All the Geeky Crafts!

Sometimes, between cons, I get a real hankering for the expo hall. I love walking down the aisles and seeing booths full of art and handmade crafts. Don’t get me wrong–I love the panels and events, seeing all the amazing cosplay, meeting new people, and everything that comes with attending a con. But I usually end up spending the most time browsing all the cool things people sell in the expo hall, and drooling over the great stuff in Artist’s Alley.

This past weekend, I got to fulfil my love of the expo hall when I went to GeekCraft Expo here in Seattle! After seeing the expo, I’m feeling like I need to go to a really excellent con because it seems weird to see one without the other (luckily, PodCon is coming up next weekend!), but GeekCraft Expo was a lot of fun. And now I’m gonna tell you about some of my favorite booths.

It wasn’t a huge expo, but it had a lot of amazing booths, many that I saw a few months ago at GeekGirlCon, and some I’ve seen before at ECCC. Many of the vendors seemed to be local to the Pacific Northwest, including Hazy Dell Press, a press that makes children’s books about monsters. The books are super cute, and I bought an adorable print of a monster surrounded by books that I will cherish forever.

I also stopped by the booth I always love seeing at cons: The Gorgonist’s booth. I think she’s been at every con I’ve gone to for the last few years, and I rarely make it out of a con without dropping too much money on her gorgeous art. Somehow, I managed to walk away without making a purchase, but next time I see her, I’m definitely going to pick up her Stevonnie print.

I saw the Fireside Textiles booth at GeekGirlCon and regretted not buying anything, so I followed the account on Intsagram as soon as I got home. This booth showcases beautiful and nerdy screen-printed fabrics, and I’m excited to make something with the cute fabric I bought!



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