Femocratic Process 002: Research with Ashley Warren

In Episode 2 of “Femocratic Process,” Jessica and Katie Tregs had the chance to talk to Ashley Warren, professional researcher and author of The Citizen’s Guide to Research: A Practical Guide to Understanding Research in the Era of Big Data. Ashley gives our bitches great insights into where to start when doing research, how to spot bad sources, and how to not feel overwhelmed by researching politics.

For Advanced Listeners:

Ashley pointed to a few valuable sites: PewResearch.orgISideWith.com, AllSides.com, and snopes.com. She also talked about this clip from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Jessica also mentioned this article about the false rumor that black women were boycotting the Black Panther movie. Ashley’s book is currently available for purchase through Amazon, and you can also find her D&D one-shot stories here.  

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