Fan Friction #01: Dragon Ages 18 & Up

Our first episode of Fan Friction is here, and this week we explore the wonderful world of smutty Dragon Age fan fiction. I had so much fun recording this podcast with Sam Maggs, Meg, and Ness. I can’t wait to record another with them in the future!

Fan Friction is a bookclub-style podcast that reads smutty fan fiction instead of novels. This week, we chose seven fics to read, but we did mention some others (see the “For Advanced Readers” section below)! If you’re not 18+, abandon ship.

If you have any suggestions for future podcasts, please let us know!

What we read:

My guests:

For advanced readers:

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  • AniDragon says:

    If you guys ever want to do Dragon Age fics again and want some good m/m fics with Iron Bull, I just thought I’d point out that there are a TON of beautifull, smutty, absolutely filthy fics of him with Dorian. Like I can’t even think of just one to suggest because I’ve read so many and they all just kind of blur together in my head. But yeah. Bull/Dorian, or Adoribull if you want to check out the ship tag on tumblr. It’s glorious.

    I’m definitely going to check out some of the fics you mentioned! I’ve already read pretty much everything by Khirsah, and I agree that she’s absolutely fantastic.

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