Bitch Weekly: What We’re Watching in July

Hello, lovely Bitches! It’s been a while since we’ve posted a Bitch Weekly, and we know you’ve missed reading about what we’re enjoying every week! So what are the ladies of BTA watching this week? Find out below!

Angela’s List

iZombie promo image

This July I decided to try something different and started watching iZombie on Netflix.
I came in with no expectations and an interest in how eating brains makes Liv Moore’s (Rose McIver) character have personality changes and what that does to different relationships. Also, I love the irony of her name. David Anders (who plays Blaine) is a villain you love to hate. I am now on the current season, which was just uploaded this month, and the show has moved into a less humor and more intensity—but in a good way. I have to say, I’m loving it so far, and I can’t wait to see whose brains she eats next. It makes me want to be able to try on some other people’s personalities for a day or two (though I don’t crave other people’s brains—or hot sauce).

Spiderman: Homecoming promo image

Spider-Man Homecoming
I am not a huge Spider-Man fan, however, I have to say this one was really good. One element that they don’t do, which they have done with the last two actors, is the “Uncle Ben” scene. This is awesome, because we’ve all seen it. Also, Spider-Man is so much less whiny as a character in this and is true to form to a real teenage boy. So, this exceeded my expectations and, as always, there are a few guest appearances.

Katie’s List

Netflix: GLOW promo image

GLOW is a new Netflix original series from creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch. It’s based on a real TV series that ran from 1986 to 1990 called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. This show was a must-watch for me because of its unusual premise, and because I love Alison Brie (Community). The show focuses on Brie’s character, who is a struggling actress that finds a place in an “experimental” project.

The season goes by very quickly, and is really enjoyable. If you find yourself marginally obsessed like I was, you can also check out the documentary about the real-life women of GLOW. It really puts the fictionalized version in a new light. Where the real-life ladies of wrestling were seemingly exploited by the all-male executive team, the Netflix series turns GLOW into a story about women controlling their own fates. Unfortunately, it has recently come out that the creators of GLOW (2017) didn’t reach out to the real women of GLOW, which seems like a huge missed opportunity. There had better be some amazing “Matilda the Hun” cameos in season 2!

Jessica’s List

Image of Melanie with a mask on from The Girl with All the Gifts

The Girl with All the Gifts
In most zombie apocalypse movies, we see survivors fighting zombies, but we don’t always get to hear what the zombies think about what’s going on. The Girl with All the Gifts follows Melanie, a young girl who was born a zombie after her mother was infected while pregnant. Melanie and several other infected children attend classes like regular children, while the military facility they’re in looks for new ways to combat the zombie infection. This movie came out last year, and I really wanted to see it at the time but missed it in theaters. I finally got around to watching it this week, and Sennia Nenua does an amazing job as Melanie, making the young zombie girl empathetic, even as she goes full zombie.
Image of Bill, The Doctor, and Nardole in the TARDIS

Doctor Who: Series 10
Series 10 of Doctor Who ended this month, and I decided to re-watch the entire season to decide how I feel about Bill’s arc. If you’re not caught up, I won’t spoil anything; I just want to say that I have some feelings about this season and where Bill’s story went, and I’m not completely sure what those feelings are yet. I love the last thing that happened with her because I thought it was a great way to tie things together, but I definitely do not like what happened before that in the last two episodes, and I really don’t like that Pearl Mackie only had the one season to shine when she was so brilliant.



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