Bitchpop 028: Hocus Pocus

It finally happened. A virgin lit the black flame candle. We drank and watched the Disney classic Hocus Pocus! Listen while Katie Tregs, Ally, and Kelly go amok… amok amok amok! #ThackBinx #yabos

Drinking game rules: take a drink when…

  1. They use the word “virgin”
  2. Winnie calls for book
  3. Mary smells a child
  4. Sarah says something stupid
  5. Billy loses a body part
  6. Thackery Binx dies
  7. There is a salt circle
  8. Any of the sisters are called ugly or old
  9. Bette Midler is too fabulous

Forever house rules: take a drink when…

  1. Sister/brother feels
  2. Outstanding 90s fashion
  3. Surprise guest cameo
  4. Sick burns


For advanced listeners… 

Check out our Halloweentown podcast, as well as our Witchpop special. Here is the link to Lucille Balls getting Babashook.

And finally… here is Katie Tregs dressed as Barb:

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