Bitchpop 027: The Craft (Welcome to the drinking hour)

We watched the 1996 cinema classic, The Craft! We paired this wonderful movie with its obvious sister film Scream (1996). As always, we drank to both of these movies, and here are our drinking game rules. 


The Craft drinking game rules: Drink when…

  1. A bully gets what’s coming
  2. Manon is called
  3. Fairuza Balk is too much
  4. Snake guy!!!

Scream drinking game rules: Drink when…

  1. Someone talks about a horror movie cliche
  2. People try to gaslight Sidney
  3. Something campy happens
  4. The movie goes out of its way to make someone look guilty
  5. The principle is creepy
  6. Excellent screams
  7. Courtney Cox gets punched!

Forever house rules: Drink when…

  1. A penis is threatened
  2. Outstanding 90s fashion
  3. Sister feels
  4. Surprise cameos!

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