BitchPop 026: A Drunk Dinosaur Story

Jessica and her favorite Robin talk about “We’re Back: A Dinosaur’s Story,” everyone’s favorite 90s movie about dinosaurs!

Drinking Game Rules

Drink every time:

  1. someone says “Museum of Natural History” and winks
  2. also drink for winks unrelated to that phrase
  3. you (the person watching the movie) say “Where are your parents?”
  4. either of the radios (dream radio and nightmare radio) are mentioned
  5. anytime someone says “I wish” (this one will get ya)
  6. “Brain Grain” or “Brain Drain” are mentioned
  7. some bullshit with the hat happens
  8. someone says “scare” or “frighten” or variations thereupon
  9. the dinosaurs are amazed by something
  10. someone says “circus” (do not drink for “circus”! This rule will destroy you!)

House rules

Drink every time:

  1. a penis is threatened
  2. you see outstanding 90s fashion
  3. someone says “people are dying!”
  4. *new* you see something that makes you say “Why isn’t that a movie?”

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