Bitchpop 025: Drunk Alien vs. Predator

In this very special episode of drunk Bitchpop, Jessica and Katie Tregs watched the 2004 sci-fi classic, Alien vs. Predator. 

Here are our AvP drinking game rules. Be sure to drink every time:

  1. Someone makes an excellent point but everyone else ignores it
  2. Something in the movie makes you want to say “that’s not how that works”
  3. An alien or predator dies
  4. A predator kills a human
  5. There is a ritual
  6. Sanaa Lathan is too gorgeous to be real
  7. Any lady is badass
  8. Someone gets chestburstered

Optional rules:

  1. Alien goo
  2. Weyland Corporation

Be sure to check out Sanaa Lathan’s Instagram, and our first Alien podcast.

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