Bitch Team Alpha was created by Katey Lee in April of 2014 and launched in May of 2014 with the help of Amanda, Katie Leone, Katie Tregs, Robin, and Jessica. BTA started as a network of podcasts, but quickly evolved to include editorial and review content, as well.

At the end of 2015, Katey Lee decided to step down as Queen B to work on other projects, and now, Jessica and Katie Tregs are co-Queens. Bitch Team Alpha focuses on delivering awesome audio, video, and written content with a focus on gaming and entertainment from a feminist perspective for everyone to enjoy.

Why do we call ourselves Bitch Team Alpha? Listen to this early episode of Feminerd to hear us talk about the origins of the word “bitch” and why we decided to claim the name for ourselves!


BitchPop: Some of your favorite bitches get together every month to talk about pop culture! Mostly, Jessica, Katie, and Robin (and usually a guest or two) get drunk and watch movies for an episode of Drunk BitchPop because we know that’s what you really want to hear.

Feminerd: Hosts Jessica and Katie Tregs talk to their their guests about all of their favorite nerdy things, with a feminist twist. We’re not trying to put boots on a caterpillar here we’re just trying to talk about the things we love! Join these awesome ladies every month for another femi-nerdy adventure!

Girls Like Comics, Dammit!: Each month, Katie Tregs and her panel of comic lovers discuss current events in comics as well as that month’s comic pick. Keep up with GLCD and join in the discussion over on our GoodReads forums.


Bitch Weekly: Every(ish) week, we compile a list of what the bitches of BTA are reading, watching, or playing to share with you!